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Encaustic Workshop

$90 + $20 materials



Saturday, June 15, 2024, 1 PM - 4 PM

Shevchenko Museum, 1604 Bloor Street West, Toronto

Encaustic painting is a method where hot liquid wax (beeswax in this case) and resin are combined with oil paint pigments and heated on a heated palette. To fuse the paint, it is applied to an absorbent surface and then heated again. This three-hour workshop will teach you the following techniques: fusing, layering, incising, transfers, collage, and adding various materials to create textured finishes. The former students can work on a larger wooden panel or panels applying the techniques they learned in the first workshop.

Address: 1604 Bloor Street West Toronto ON M6P 1A7

Tickets: $90.00 + $20.00 for materials and supplies

Age: 16+

If you wish to register by phone please call the Shevchenko Museum at 416-534-8662